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The City of Gateshead is situated in Tyne and Wear in the North of England and is separated from Newcastle Upon Tyne. It forms a bustling part of the Tyneside conurbation which spreads across vast swathes either side of the River Tyne.

Gateshead landmarks consist of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the Sage Gateshead, the Angel of the North and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. Amongst others. The city is one of rolling hills which have been built upon over the centuries. A beautiful area which gives great views over the Tyne River and into Newcastle proper. The city has scenic beauty and rises above its local neighbour, the Team Valley.

An Encapsulation Of Gateshead History

Where once upon a time only 5000 lived, the Industrial Revolution, like in most towns and cities, increased the local population to 100,000 in the 1800s. The local economy was based on coal originally but then moved into Iron and crafting metal works. Not much of the original architecture of Gatehead remains due to a great fire enveloping the the Quayside and much of the town's, now city, medieval architecture and heritage. Yet the architecture both new and old can be found within the central avenues of the city itself.

Gateshead is made up of several districts which is overseen by the local Gateshead Council. Much like London grew to take in towns from Kent and surrounding regions, Gateshead has expanded in a similar manner.

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